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Listening and Reading Comprehension Tuition for Grades 4 to 7

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Why is reading comprehension important?

When children learn to read with meaning, they learn new skills, have greater general knowledge, improve their vocabulary, and harness an overall love for learning.
They can apply their reading in meaningful ways.

Master Literacy has developed a computer-based literacy programme to help learners practise their listening and reading comprehension skills, as well as their spelling abilities through separate written exercises, with continuous tutor support. 

Why Master Literacy?

Stories are levelled to suit a learner’s reading ability.
A learner works through our reading programme at their own pace.
Learners engage with practical everyday texts such as recipes, posters, and articles.
Learn to spell well with our beautifully designed spelling books, chock-full of tips and exercises.

Master Literacy has been designed and supported by our decades of knowledge in tuition. Master Maths was established in 1976 and
we have helped two generations of learners succeed with Maths.
We have been doing the same with Physical Science extra lessons
since 2011.

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